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Haosail Science

Qingdao Haosail Science Co., Ltd is a joint stock company, stock No. is 839542. We are manufacturer and global supplier of Spirulina,Chlorella, Spirulina blue(phycocyanin) and nutritional ingredients, and also a flexible and leading contract manufacturer of nutritional and dietary supplements, our products include powders, diversified tablets, hardgel capsules and softgel capsules, in bulk packaging and all kinds of retail packaging.

Thanks to our professional teams for R&D, manufacturing and international business who has been working in the nutritional and pharmaceutical industry for over 20 years, we are specialized in the integrated contract manufacturing service, starting from the product conception, formulation design and verification, raw materials sourcing, manufacturing, quality control and analyzing, packing and labeling, documentation and registration, to the final products ready to sell to consumers.

Also, based on our professional experience and capability of sourcing and purchasing diverse nutritional ingredients in China, we also provide our customers with a full range of raw materials which are used in Nutritional and Dietary industry. Our people are proficient in the knowledge and specialty of nutritional ingredients, so we are confident that we are able to offer the right and best ingredients to you. Moreover, benefit from our strategic partnership with many key manufacturers of nutritional ingredients, as well as our collective purchasing, we are able to offer very competitive price to you.

Our people is dedicated to supply nutritional and dietary products according to customers’ requirements with consistently high quality and considerate service.

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