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Our factory is equipped with state-of-the-art production  lines  for  the  integrated  manufacturing  of  nutritional  and  dietary  supplements,  in  the  form  of  tablet,  hard capsule,  softgel capsule.  Our  manufacturing environment and facilities are designed and built by the latest technology to achieve the world-class standard.

Each step of our manufacturing is strictly validated and managed by the regulations of ISO, HACCP, BRC and GMP. We integrate and establish a completed quality management system to secure the rationality of our manufacturing technology, the adaptability of our manufacturing facilities, the accuracy of our manufacturing operation, the safety of our manufacturing process, and the traceability of our finished products, all that finally lead to good quality.

But we are more proud of our workers, they focus on the concerns of our customers, they understand and practice our quality management system very well, they devote themselves to the good quality of the products they produce for our customers, and they are eager to improving themselves for more professional working. We know it’s our workers that stand at the front line to produce our products, and they are the foundation of our service to our customers, so we always offer continuous training and education to promote their ability, and we always work hard together for the satisfaction of our customers.



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